Trained professional at work

Ever wondered what HIGHLY PROFESSIONAL SYSTEM we use in Fedora QA to test different SATA controllers? Well, wonder no more!

Highly professional SATA switch (a bunch of cables coming through a hacked-up hole in a cheap case)

Why yes, that is a whole pile of cheap SATA cables poking through a hole I hacked out of my test box's extremely cheap case with pliers, thanks for asking. Four extension cables - two hooked up to the motherboard's controller, two to a hardware RAID controller - and two hooked up to the disks. This is highly advanced stuff here, folks. Best not stand too close.


Anon Hacker wrote on 2016-09-07 06:32:
If you use a Dremel, you can get a nice clean hole. But if you are not to be trusted with power tools, they do make nice Thermaltake Cases with pop-out acrylic side-windows.