new toy

Sorry I've been quiet the last few's been busy, and I've been distracted by the new toy!

New toy

As I mentioned before, my phone is deadski, so I bought a new one. It's a PalmOne Treo 600. It's completely brilliant. It's a PDA phone which makes a great PDA and a great phone, it does GPRS data, it works great with Linux, and it's Palm based which means there's an absolute truckload of software out there. So far I've got it doing IMAP email (via the fantastic Chatter Email), ssh, instant messaging and TV remote control and I only got it on Monday. The email is great and gets me Crackberry-style push email right from my lil' courier IMAP server - eat that, Lawsuits in Motion. I haven't found a thing wrong with it so far. I only wish the souped-up new model Treo 650 was a little more reasonable in price - it does everything a tiny bit better, but it costs more than this entire computer, so I went for the older but cheaper one.


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