1337 h4x0r

My non-Mandriva job was interesting yesterday; the company's DNS servers went down for a couple of hours, which brought everything to its knees while the IS group's minions ran around with paper lists of IP addresses for important services. However, the neat thing was that everything else still worked, and I was sitting next to a guy who has Google's IP address memorised. We quickly discovered that a) you can get just about everywhere on the internet via Google's cache - just type the URL into Google and tell it you want to visit its cached copy - and b) when you're one of about four people still actually using the internal network of an ISP, you get...really. really. really fast access. :)

Mandriva stuff is also busy. We (finally) got all the Club infrastructure working with the new name and the 2005 release, so it's clear for its last hurrah before we get the new Club structure in place, and believe me we can't wait for the day we can get rid of the old one. It does its job but it ain't pretty.

Also heard that Per Oyvind Karlsen has been hired to do backports for the Club, which is great news - Per Oyvind's been a fellow Cooker mailing list lurker for years and he's a great candidate, and more backports for the Club is going to make the members there very happy, I think.

I'm hoping to write up a couple of little Mandriva mini-HOWTOs soon, one for running a personal mail server setup and one for using urpmi's parallel mode (which entirely not enough people know about). Now if someone would invent the eighth day of the week, I'd have time to get it done!


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