Stuff and things

Apart from ruminating, I've had quite a nice week. I stopped working for Shaw (or rather, was informed by my agency - by email - that I'd stopped working for Shaw. That's employee relations for you!), so I now have lots more time for things. At Mandriva, we launched the updated Club 2005 LE release, which is cool, and the new Club, which is cooler. So yay for that. I obtained much in the way of new music - My Little Lover's Fantasy, the two soundtracks from the Beck anime, a couple more Dears records, Dear Leader's Instant Live CD from last month, and Foo Fighters' The Colour And The Shape (yes, I am aware everyone else bought it nine years ago, ta muchly). Played a pick-up game of tennis this morning with a guy who was practicing on his own at the local courts, and lost 6-4 6-3, which was annoying as I could've won both sets. Ah well. I blame the balls and my slightly too small shoes, that'll do. Will probably go and play again tomorrow. With blister-preventative plasters on my toes, and very thin socks...


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