Tennis, and things.

So I did go and play tennis again this morning, this time I won, 6-3 7-5. Very nice game. I serve-volleyed every point and chip-charged every return, which is a great play against just about anyone who's not a very, very good player, even if you're only an average volleyer. You'll win 50% or more of the points where you get to the net without having to hit a volley. It's such an aggressive play it tends to make the opponent get worried, rush, and become too ambitious; you'll see a lot of balls go wide, long or into the net. Add to that the fact that almost no-one seems to play serve and volley these days, which gives you the added benefit of surprise and unfamiliarity, and you can't really go wrong. Probably going to play again on Monday, it's nice to have a regular game again...

As far as Mandriva goes, now I have some more spare time, I've started doing a little work on the Knowledge Base, cleaning up and updating the old articles. I hope this will kickstart some interest in it.


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