Sometimes, you do really stupid things in the name of enjoyment. At 5-6 in the first set of my tennis game today, I chased a lob back from the net, turned sharply and hit a nice forehand winner into the corner of the ad court. As I did this, I went right over on my right ankle at about 90 degrees. It hurt quite a bit. We were having a really good game, though, so I kept playing. Four points, a tiebreak, another 12 games and another tiebreak later, this is the result...


On the left, my happy, fully-functioning left ankle. On the right, my right ankle, which now resembles a WWE wrestler's arm. Anyone who's sprained their ankle before can probably imagine fairly accurately exactly how much it hurts.

How I managed to play twelve games serving and volleying on it is an exercise left to the reader. It's dicey trying to limp to the fridge now. Must've been pure adrenaline. I was planning to go and look at new rackets this afternoon, but I think I'll be laid up in front of the telly instead...

Hell of a good game, though. 7-6 6-7. We're hoping to play again tomorrow, ankle permitting. I'll have to see if the swelling goes down overnight.


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