The ankle is now somewhat less swollen but impressively multi-coloured. I can more or less walk in a straight line but any kind of physical exercise is still a couple of days off, I think. Oh well, more time to work. :)

Just wanted to throw up a couple of pictures I took recently. First, one of English Bay, one of the reasons I love Vancouver:

I wasn't concentrating very hard on the composition of the picture when I took it, just wanted to get the guy building his little stone towers against the background of the bay, but when I looked at it later I noticed the happy accident that the ships in the background line up almost perfectly with the guy and the towers. Neat. Second, some friends in a restuarant - I always prefer to take pictures of people when they don't know you're taking a picture. It almost always works out better that way. After I took this one they noticed I was taking pictures and all turned and looked at the camera and I got a much less interesting picture. I like the way the cigarette came out with a little motion blur, completely accidental.


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