We signed up for Primus VoIP phone service a couple of weeks ago. We initially signed up under my name. They then seemed to suggest we wouldn't be accepted if I didn't have a credit card, so we signed up under my boyfriend's name instead. They then shipped us the stuff under my name anyway, so we called up to cancel the application under my boyfriend's name. I got home today to find the DHL guy outside; they'd shipped the stuff for my boyfriend's application too. Well, so far, that's just typical corporate incompetence, nothing unusual. However, this is what makes it special. Along with the box containing the router and instructions, which I'd got as well, this time there was a second box. A big box which seemed suspiciously light. It turned out to contain - only - a sheet of paper telling us how sorry they were that we'd cancelled the service, and giving us instructions on how to return the other box. The concept of not sending either box appears to have been too advanced for their procedures to cover...


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