shiny new things

So, behold!

new racket

My new tennis racket. Ugly bugger, isn't it? The NPro Surge, which does not have the prettiest of colours to start with, with NXT 17 strings and a lovely red H2Overgrip, since my palms get sweaty easily. They didn't have any other colours in, sadly. Still, won't get mistaken for anyone else's, I don't think. I'll be playing with it for the first time on Friday.

Played again this morning and won a tight one, 4-6 6-2 6-4, from 2-4 down in the final set. Let it be known that I hate lobs. Lobs, lobs, lobs, morning noon and night...

My mother sent me some toy kittens, along with the mouse for my laptop and, for some reason unknown to man, an Australian power lead. I'm sure it's the thought that counts.


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