Linus is a troll.

So after ESR turned out to be a moron, now it seems Linus is a troll. Life's full of revelations!

What bothers me most about the infamous post is not that it's wrong, although it is, but that it's a horrible troll. Till posted a perfectly normal, productive, low-key request for discussion on how to implement something that was missing, and Linus decided to turn it into an internet-wide flame war. I just can't get my head around how someone who's been around as long as Linus has could possibly think that would be a good idea. Why not at least get some evidence together, write a far more calm post, and post it as a separate thread? I just don't get it. I mailed him and tried to make that point, but he just wrote back and defended his point some more. I'm not arguing the point, but the complete lack of politeness and netiquette in the way it was made. Ah, well.

Spent the last couple of days fighting an annoying graphics bug on my HTPC. After umpteen attempts to roll back various system components and one brand new graphics card it turns out to be xorg-x11-server at fault, though the symptoms really wouldn't make you think so. Sigh. Rolled it back to the 1204 snapshot (thanks, Hawkwind), and all is now well again. And now I have one graphics card too many. Anyone want a year old, hideously dust-encrusted, MSI Geforce MX440 for shipping costs? Form an orderly queue...


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