Just who had the incredibly stupid idea to stop you sending email from disabled accounts in Evolution? I only want to RECEIVE mail from one account, my IMAP server, which aggregates the mail from my many providers. I want to SEND it from many accounts, though - sometimes I need the mail to come from one address, sometimes from another. Previously I could simply define all the accounts, only enable the IMAP one, and still send from the others. Now I have to temporarily enable another account any time I want to send email from that address, then disable it again so Evolution doesn't check the email from it if I click the "check mail" button and screw up my IMAP system. Grr. Grr. Grr. Stupid bloody idea.


yoho wrote on 2005-12-17 09:03:
> Just _who_ had the incredibly stupid idea Usability experts ? This is troll season ;)