Hate to whine, but...

Yes, well, it's not nice to whine, but...check this out. That's the most important news in the Linux world from the last week, according to Slashdot.

Notice anything missing, perhaps?

Yep, according to Slashdot, a preview release of Granular Linux, a vague Gartner report on the future of open source, Red Hat sending out a press release about software patents, and a preview of The GIMP 2.5 are all more important than a new release of Mandriva. Slashdot's been heavily neglecting Mandriva news for a while now, but failing to print a story on a major new release of the distribution - even in their Linux section, never mind the front page - is just ridiculous. Yes, we're not the biggest distribution in the world any more, but by any sane measure we're still comfortably in the top five or six, and clearly more significant than Granular. Yet a major new final release of the distribution does not warrant a mention. It's just really sad to have to deal with this kind of thing on a daily basis.

If you feel the urge to write and complain, I certainly won't mind. ;)


reinouts wrote on 2008-04-14 21:04:
Even though they published an article upon my submission of the 2008.1RC1 release, the Dutch tech news site tweakers.net has ignored my final release announcement as well...