Mandriva: 100/100 on Acid3

So, thanks to the fine work of the WebKit team - particularly the GTK+ port - Mandriva can now achieve 100/100 on the Acid3 web standards compliance test. I'd include a picture, but I'm not in a position to upload them right now.

Cooker users can test with webkit-0-0.32531.2mdv2009.0 and either use Midori (package 'midori') or rebuild Epiphany with its WebKit backend (two changes in the spec file). I am now sending the packages to backports for 2008 and 2008 Spring, so users of those two distributions can shortly do the same, if web standards compliance is what floats your boat!

For comparison, our current Firefox (2.x) build scores 54/100, with lots of red bits, and the word FAIL in bold capital letters. Charming. I wonder if even worse browsers get "EPIC FIAL"...:)

Mandriva's WebKit build also includes the patch currently being worked on in upstream Bugzilla which allows the use of Mozilla plugins in WebKit-based browsers. At present it works reasonably well for long as you don't try to scroll any windows. And yes, YouTube works. The plugin is getting refined rapidly by upstream developers, so I'm updating the package pretty regularly at present to keep up with developments.


yoho wrote on 2008-04-30 11:40:
We've made a test session in the french mandriva jabber chatroom : * Epiphany (without WebKit) : 52% * Firefox 2 : 52% (not 54 ?) * Firefox 3 : 71% * Konqueror with KDE3 : 10% (!) * Konqueror with KDE4 : 65% * Opera : 46% And you can make those tests yourself : ;)