Trying to get back to writing down what I'm doing a bit more often, so...

Today I handled the 2009 Spring Alpha 1 release. Wrote the Wiki page for the release, then wrote initial versions of the Release Notes and Errata for 2009 Spring. Sent out announcements of the release to various places (OS News, Linux Today, Tuxmachines, Distrowatch, Digg, FSDaily,,,, Slashdot).

Cleaned up a mistake in the tuxtype update I pushed last night which stopped it building. Updated kdar to 2.1.0 final and moved it to the KDE 3 paths since it's a KDE 3 app. Updated meta-task to fix bug #46552 (trackpads not working in Alpha 1 as x11-driver-input-synaptics isn't installed) for future releases. Updated Tcl/Tk to 8.6b1. Updated NVIDIA to 180.18, and added the latest NVIDIA and ATI card IDs to ldetect-lst (this is what's needed so your graphics card gets auto-detected by the Mandriva tools). Updated Barry to latest CVS. Sent a rebuild of Miro to /backports for 2009.0 so it gets rebuilt with the updated xulrunner that just shipped in /updates.

Helped a frustrated Powerpack customer (who was referred to me by the support team) to get his Broadcom wireless working. Did a private build of latest SVN openchrome driver for a couple of HP MiniNote users (the MiniNote needs the latest openchrome SVN to work properly, with 0.2.903 it gets stuck in 640x480 mode; if you're here from Google looking to get a MiniNote working right with 2009, EDIT 2013: here's a nickel, kid, for the love of Pete, go buy a better computer).

Explained politely to some people at OSNews who think they have the ultimate answer to package management that they don't know what the heck they're talking about. Commented on MeandUbuntu's review of Mandriva 2009 One, and swapped a few emails with him to see if I could figure out why Ubuntu gets his resolution right out of the box but MDV doesn't (it's because Ubuntu uses radeon while MDV One uses fglrx).

Various misc email correspondence (how to deal with tdbc within Tcl, asking Romain to add a link to the new Turkish community forums from our forums, reporting missing deps in the new Online function...), and going through the forums as usual.

Aaaand now I'm off to finish watching the Sharks pound the crap out of the Canucks. Sigh. At least this game will hopefully shut up the Schneider fans. I don't like the guy. All about Sanford here.


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