Well, hope everyone's enjoying the season.

Over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, I was mostly working on the great Python rebuild: misc has bumped Python in Cooker to version 2.6, which requires rebuilding just about every Python-related package in the distribution, of which there's several hundred. So I've been working on that, along with misc and Funda Wang.

I also tried (without much success, sigh) to get some word out about the Gdium One Laptop Per Hacker program (send a good development proposal, get an early release, reduced price Gdium). Worked with the upstream Tcl community to fix some code problems in amsn exposed by Tcl 8.6b1 (thanks to Michael Schlenker for the help there). Did some testing of Alpha 1 and filed several bugs on the KDE 4 out-of-the-box experience. Tested VDPAU support in the NVIDIA driver, for Anssi.

Today I'm catching up with the forums from yesterday, and will be carrying on with the Python stuff (it's hard to work on anything else in Cooker until that's cleaned up). And at 4:30pm I hang it up, because it's the start of the world juniors (Canada vs. Czech Republic), followed by the Canucks game. Yaay.


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