First Fedora 13 Test Day coming up: NFSv4

In a break from our regularly-scheduled programming of posts about screwing around with miscellaneous technological widgets, I bring you some Fedora news!

We're getting the Fedora 13 Test Day cycle under way. This Thursday - 2010/02/04 - will be the NFSv4 Test Day. The big NFS change for Fedora 13 is that NFSv4 is now the default (rather than NFSv3), so the Test Day will aim to ensure that all existing NFS configurations work as smoothly as possible in this brave new world.

There will, as always, be live CDs available for testing. As an added bonus, you can even do testing on Fedora 12 with just a few easy changes that are documented on the Test Day page. There are pre-defined test cases to run through, and we would also welcome testing on just about any NFS configuration. There will not be cake, not unless you're really, really lucky - but there's just about everything else!

Please do come out to the Test Day to help us test this important new Fedora 13 feature. It will be held all day in #fedora-test-day on IRC. See this page if you're not sure how to use IRC - or you can use WebIRC just by clicking this link! Ah, the wonders of science.


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