Fedora 13 Alpha blocker bug review meeting in 7 hours!

It's that time again: blocker bug review meeting time! Yes, yes. Already. Tomorrow is the first blocker bug review meeting for Fedora 13 Alpha: that is, 2010-02-05 at 15:00 UTC in #fedora-bugzappers.

Here are the current bugs listed as blocking the Alpha release. We'll be discussing all of these. Have an issue you'd like to propose as an F13 release blocker? Please consider the Fedora 13 Alpha Release Criteria when escalating an issue.

The aim for the Release Criteria for F13 is for our criteria to match up with our 'gut feelings', so if you see an issue that you think should be a blocker but doesn't meet the criteria, please add it as a blocker and mention at the meeting that the criteria don't cover it. Thanks!

To promote a bug for consideration as a blocker, simply mark it as blocking the bug 'F13Alpha'. You can also already mark bugs as blocking the Beta or Final release, if appropriate, by using 'F13Beta' and 'F13Blocker' respectively.

Hope to see everyone at the meeting tomorrow!


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