It's bad to be king

Wow, it's gotta suck to be President Obama right now. You've got the conservatives blasting you for your evil schemes to turn the health of poor innocent Americans over to shadowy gub'mint Death Panels (as opposed to, y'know, shadowy insurance company Death Panels), while the geeks excoriate you for your dastardly plans to stop wasting gazillions of dollars of public money on sending some square-jaws to stand on the Moon and wave a flag (again). Fun times!

(It's always interesting to note how many people who are otherwise hard-boiled 'fiscal conservatives' are unreservedly in favour of any massive government expenditure which ultimately goes 'boom' in a really big way. If I were a physicist in America I'd be figuring out a way to make a particle accelerator that's jet-propelled right now. If the design mockups show a jet of flame roughly the size of New Jersey firing off out of an exhaust vent somewhere, it'll have all of Congress clamouring to sign off on it...)


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