Storage Test Day this Thursday 2010-03-18

There's always more testing to do, and this week is no exception: it's Test Day time again! This Thursday, 2010-03-18, is storage Test Day. Fedora 13 features several improvements to disk management, and this Thursday is our time to test them out! Anyone with a computer and a hard disk can do some of the testing, or if you have a more exotic configuration - many disks, RAID arrays, LVM setups, multichannel, SCSI or fibre channel configurations, anything like that - we'd love to get your results. Most of the testing can be done from a live environment, and live images are available for testing. As always, test cases with clear step-by-step testing instructions will be available on the Test Day page, so testing is easy! The Test Day runs all Thursday in #fedora-test-day on Freenode IRC. You can even connect via Web IRC.


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