FAO Googlers: Nexus One, not just Rogers

This being Google, of course none of your pages have feedback links, so I'm throwing this out here in the vague hope at least one Googler reads my blog...

You have a news post trumpeting the alternate Nexus One version with different HSPA frequencies. It mentions several times that it will work with 'Rogers Wireless' in Canada. This is true, but not complete. All the other major HSPA providers in Canada use the same frequencies, so it should work not just on Rogers but on Fido and on the new Telus/Bell combined HSPA network as well. You might want to mention that.

(If I were you I'd also advertise that 2100 frequency support a bit louder too: it's actually quite hard to find phones with the 850/1900/2100 combination which lets you use them in Canada or on AT&T and also in Europe. It's a feature. Tout it!)


Duv Jones wrote on 2010-03-21 06:11:
Well as it turns out, those three are not the only networks. The T-Mobile build of the Nexus One also happens to have a canadian network provider... that of Wind Mobile Canada, which happens to use the same network band as T-Mobile.
adamw wrote on 2010-03-21 07:20:
That's why I said 'major'. Wind is very new and has coverage in about three square meters of Canada, so far =)
Duv Jones wrote on 2010-03-22 06:18:
I would consider then Major, more so than Public Mobile or Mobilecity.
gingeremmie wrote on 2010-03-31 13:00:
They stole our word! We've been using Nexus for our products for ages (at least a year) and now it looks like we copied google *humph*